Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Morning of the Semifinals

I was able to sleep a little longer, because our time to meet in the lobby was later (presumably, with six fewer people, and with everyone having already been briefed, there was less contestant prep time). But I got a wake-up call sometime after 6 am, which wasn't what I wanted. I still managed to asleep for a while longer after that, until the call came at the time I had intended.

I got dressed, ate my sandwich, grabbed my extra clothes, and headed down to the lobby to meet everyone again. Christine was there, just to say hi to everybody and wish us luck. I liked that.

The rest, I can't quite work out the timeline in my head. Here are a few things that happened, not necessarily in the order they occurred.

I ran a category (I think against Dave and Andy) in the rehearsal game.
I had a terrible coughing fit in the makeup chair (it seemed like every breath I took coated my throat in flesh-colored dust). Lisa had to get a water bottle for me.
It was announced that I was playing against Terry and Dave. I noted that the three male five-time champions were together.

What I know came last: on the way out of the green room, I said "see you in the finals" to Jason, then Andy, then every contestant my eyes fell upon. I think including Terry and Dave.

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